Posted: August 9, 2014 in Life

I can be your lightning rod

Life is full of ups and downs, certainly.  Those around us, in the physical world as well as the virtual world, have an uncanny knack for making us feel small.  Sometimes we all need an emotional piggy back ride to get us through an event, a day, an hour, a moment.


Irma the schnauzer, supporting her friend, Trixie


What’s got you down today?  Is something eating at you?  Who went and made you feel small?

Go ahead and tell me.  I’ll be your sponge, your receptacle, your lightning rod, your schnauzer.  Go ahead… you may feel better for the effort.

  1. Love the picture 😀 Pawkisses 🙂

  2. S.C. Hickman says:

    Got a love it! In my house it’s just the opposite, I have an old cat and our puppies love to crawl up on her when she sleeps on the couch in the day. She just sits there curled up and let’s them, looking up once in a while when one gets a little to rambunctious as if to say, “Ok, I’m sleeping here gang, if you like the warmth then just lay there don’t hit each other, ok?” Then lays back down closes her eyes and gives a sort of huff in despair… 🙂

  3. SandysJar says:

    You know this could open you up to social work. You might get more than you can handle. I can relate to what you have said. I had a horrible time the other week and it took about a week to recover.

  4. “I can be your lightening rod” reminds me of a Paul Simon song, ‘You can call me Al’ – there is a line, ‘you can be my body guard, I can be your long lost pal’

  5. bkolisha says:

    Thanks for the laughter, Eric. I love your cute, short but empathetic posts. I know the sun will shine again, but for now the clouds are somewhat dark and foreboding. I appreciate you following me though. It helps to know there are hearts like yours watching for those of us who are usually the shoulder or lightning rod for others. I thank you, wholeheartedly.

    • I am so very thankful for your kindness. You have an amazing ability to not only diagnose your inner workings and emotion, but also to convey it in a beautiful and concise manner. Your cadence and choice of words project a mellifluous, exquisite experience for your readers. Your most recent post, “Who am I,” is a testimony to your writing prowess, and I find myself a bit envious of your style. It is these abilities that drew me to your “follow” button.

      When the clouds are dark and foreboding for you, your inner light will guide the way even when God is difficult to see. You are an exceptionally strong person.

      God bless you.

  6. I love this….animals are soooo cute. I wish I could just have land and a farm and have animals running all over it. :)Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  7. Tony says:

    Nice one Eric. Cheers and best wishes to you and yours…


  8. Tish Farrell says:

    That’s quite a service you’re offering there, Eric. Great good spirits all round.

  9. P. C. Zick says:

    Be careful what you wish for. . .Nice post, Eric.

  10. moodyrobin93 says:

    Not feeling ruff today, but thanks for the support. 🙂

  11. We all need a venting receptacle.

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