New Day

Posted: April 21, 2015 in Poetry
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An amber dawn, radiant, rich.

Optimism personified,

an idea is born.

  1. Red sky in morning, sailors take warning! Red sky at night, sailor’s delight!

  2. Tokoni O. Uti says:


  3. megdekorne says:

    Hi Eric …this is beautiful , new ideas come like spouts out of the earth into glory …thank you too for your kind visit to my blog …blessings of love megxxx

  4. a beautiful view is truly inspiring!

  5. Elle says:

    Beautiful! so beautiful.

  6. rlsharpe says:

    Loved this, thanks for sharing.

  7. The morning is the best! The ideas pour in when I’m just trying to steal those last five minutes of sleep.

  8. Thanks for the follow today. I’m looking forward to reading your blog too! It’s great to connect with another author.

  9. I always find it amazing how people that write poetry can evoke a huge idea with so few words, seemingly saying little, but actually saying so much.

  10. DELL CLOVER says:

    Ahhh yes–this makes me almost sing on-key.

  11. Nancy Mehuys says:

    Very beautiful picture !!!!!

  12. ssnovatamara says:

    Lavender pink sunset, eyes locked, amazed.

    Today is not quite done.

    Content. Fortunate.

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