Posted: May 11, 2015 in Memorial, recognition, tribute
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I visited with my good friend, co-worker, and former tennis partner, Ricke Treleven last Wednesday. Ricke has been fighting a long, painful bout with cancer and is now a resident at Angels Grace in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Ricke has had a positive and profound influence on all that have been a part of his life, and I’d like to share what his friends at WISN Radio have done for him… a truly wonderful and well-earned permanent tribute. Congrats and thank you, Ricke, for being the kind of man that God intended all of us to be.

  1. OldenGray says:

    Recognition is instrumental in letting people know they are a an important cog in the wheel. This must have warmed Rickes heart. Hang in there young man! It looks like you have many a friend cheering for you during these tough times.

  2. Alethea Eason says:

    I can see he has touched your life. What a wonderful tribute.

  3. What lovely recognition. I can imagine it must have been very difficult for Ricke’s friends and colleagues to make the video, given the circumstances. All the best to you and Ricke.

  4. What a great way to not only honor Ricke but deliver the news to him. I decided to come by your blog and click on one of your posts today. You had visited my blog so I took time before writing today to come by. I promised myself I would click on one and ONLY one of your blogs because I haven’t been clocking enough hours on my book.
    Please brief me if his status changes. I would like to include him in the first order of precedence on the appropriate Memorial Monday in recognition of his service. The ceremony is private and silent. I won’t write about Ricke or anything of that nature.
    Approval or disapproval rests solely with you. I would have just sent you an email or some other private method, but something inspired me to have to do this immediately

    • Ricke passed away on Monday, May 11th. I’m so very grateful that you would take any time at all to memorialize my friend. God Bless you!

      • You’re very welcome Eric. It’s obvious to me Ricke is deserving of his place. I was instantly motivated to include him the first minute of the video.
        He will be included first in the Memorial Monday on 5-18-15. It begins at sunrise and ends at sundown. I will address The Flag with my tags on and in my right hand over my heart. This is done at both sunrise and sundown. I’m in Central time(Fort Worth) zone if you would like to observe at those times. Although no specific observance of him will occur at any other Memorial Monday, he’ll always be a member of that group until the day I’m unable to conduct it anymore.
        It’s meant to be Eric. As I grow older I become more skeptical of coincidence than I am of destiny.

  5. Ricke Trevelen Memorial Monday 5/18/15: 0629-2023 CST
    I normally contact by email but since this is a blog for his memorial it seemed approprite.

  6. What a beautiful recognition and blessing to have said. I pray he gets well. I also have cancer and it can make it hard to be positive. I will be praying.

  7. Ben Ezard says:

    Hi Eric. Based on this post and my quick scan of your blog you might like me novelette on my site entitled Escape from Hell.

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