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Eric Schlehlein, Author

There’s a custom in America, and I suspect a few other countries, to place useful things on a useful space in a useful room and then to issue an edict throughout the house, stating that such things are hereby off-limits, rendering those things useless.

The custom of placing decorative towels on a hook or a rack or upon a shelf next to the dried flowers or above the wicker basket that holds the decorative soaps that we are not allowed to use has been going on for at least three generations, testing the self-discipline of children — and grown men — since the end of the depression.  

decorative towels

Look, but don’t touch… and by God, keep your damn hands off my flower, too.

In my house, such towels often become the magnet for the toothpaste left over after tooth-brushing regimens, the streaks of white or blue evidencing the failed self-discipline…

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  1. Lala Simon says:

    NO TOUCHY THE DECORATIVE HAND TOWELS! Lol! I only do it because it reminds me of my grandmother. It also makes things look pretty. Hand towel… folded neatly on or beside the sink (non decorative) is how I typically roll.

  2. Susan says:

    Hilarious, but so true!
    The habit of tying a ribbon around the towel, as in your picture, has to take the biscuit, and, talking of biscuits, my mother kept a packet or two in the cupboard, for unexpected “Droppers in”.
    She would say to us” Those biscuits are not for eating”…a classic!

  3. Rebekah says:


    Thanks so much for stopping by and liking my post! I’m so glad I ventured over to your blog to learn more about you. This post literally had me laughing ridiculously hard. It is so true about the decorative towels…and I bet you’re right about it being only in America. I had never given the subject any thought, but what a fantastic and hilarious observation. Towels “for show.” I will think twice next time I decorate my bathroom.

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